“My Energy Practitioner  Offers Distance Healing Sessions. That’s crazy!”


I don’t blame you for thinking it’s out there; I thought so too. “Give me a break,” I would think and roll my eyes.

But sometimes due to circumstance it is not possible to be in the same room as your practitioner. For example, when you are having a surgery.

Or the practitioner you resonate with the most lives out of state (or in a completely different country).

But by shifting perspective, questioning concepts, and most importantly, directly experiencing its impact, I have become truly open to distant work.

There are actually many ways of using science to explain how healing can occur without actual physical contact.

Disclaimer: you are about to experience my inner geek.

Here goes…

One way to explain distance healing is by explaining quantum entanglement. The theory of Quantum Entanglement was proven with a study done by scientists at the University of Geneva in Switzerland in 1997.

By dividing a photon of light (the stuff we are made of), into two and firing them 14 miles away from each other, the scientists revealed that two “twins” acted and behaved as if they are still one and the same, or as if they had never been separated. The photons behaved identically. Even more, when one photon was modified the other “twin” was instantly modified in the same way.  

Therefore if the universe is made up of the same photons that were split by the scientists, then it or its inhabitants cannot by definition ever be separated.

In other words it is all a hologram–the piece contains the whole and in fact the piece is the whole and vice versa.

Another way to describe how distance healing is possible is by using Bell’s Theorem.  This theorem is a way of mathematically proving that subatomic partical’s are connected in a way that transcends space and time.

Subatomic particles are the particles that make up an atom. The human body is made up of these atoms. Anything that happens to one particle impacts other particles – they do not have to be physically connected. 

I could keep going with more theories and studies that support distance work but I know not everyone wigs out about this stuff like I do. If you have read this far, the nerd in me honors the nerd in you.

What I can say, is that if we shift our perspective of viewing ourselves as solid objects and start to view ourselves in a more holistic way, we will find that we are actually made up of electromagnetic and magnetic fields. These fields can actually be detected and measured (by an EKG for example). You can read more about the human ability to perceive these energetic fields in my post about the Cone of Perception here.

When we open our awareness to this, shifting to understand how we impact one another from a distance isn’t that far of a leap.



A parent experiences this when they suddenly feel their child is in trouble. I know someone who woke from a deep sleep at the exact moment a loved one passed away, even though their loved one was in a different country.

There have been studies that prove by meditating (thus changing the state of your brainwaves) we can affect others miles away because of something called brain coherence.

Harmonic induction is another way of changing your frequency to impact others at a distance. During harmonic induction one energy field will harmonically induce its resonant frequency into another person’s energy field. A great example of this is when you strike one tuning fork and another one sounds. (I took this example from pg.159 in Dr. Brennan’s Core Light Healing).

A non-science example of this is how music can change your mood. Music holds an energetic frequency – which is why sound healing is now being studied and utilized.

I’d say it isn’t about the distance. It’s more about the practitioner’s integrity along with the client’s willingness to experience something different.

As with anything, trust your gut and your own direct experience when deciding to work in this way.

This stuff excites me – so I like diving in but it is not necessary to understand how it works to receive the benefits.

If you do want to jump in, here are some books to get you started:

Hands of Light by Barbara Brennan – Specifically chapter 4

The Field by Lynn McTaggart

The Biology of Belief by Bruce Lipton

The Divine Matrix By Greg Brayden

The Holographic Universe by Michael Talbot

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