I started taking belly dancing lessons about a month ago.



I have no idea what I am doing, but my hips, arms and legs are slowly catching on.

So here I am, feeling the impulse to write about dance again. This time, I will try to connect it with the energetic work I do in my healing practice.

Since my practice is working with the subtle energy field found in and around the body, this is where I perceive many of the benefits of dance.

Because of this, I often recommend it to clients as an aid on their healing journey. There are many other aids that aren’t dance if it is not your thing!

One such benefit is synchronization. This is when all your “parts” are working together in a cohesive way. I talk a lot about this state of being in my meditation classes.

When we are in-sync we move through our day with ease rather than bumping into things or forgetting where we parked our car.

The state of cohesion is a deeply healing place to touch into. There is a capacity for a deep level of presence here. When we can be present, is when we can begin to heal.

I talked about how we often run our energy in a habitual pattern in a past post on Brennan Healing Science  (click on any of the bold fonts in this post to read more). When we bring balance and cohesion to our field, we are giving ourselves a chance to experience the world from a different, much more present place. Often, the world will respond back to us from this place of wholeness.

One habitual way of running energy is by not running it at all. Many of us hold ourselves and our energy still.  After years in this pattern, it can cause a disturbance in the field and create physical symptoms. I myself have held this pattern.

Through dance, I have learned to let this energy build and release through movement, another way of bringing cohesion to my system.  This can be done through all forms of creative expression.  For me, dance  does the trick.

Besides the habitual ways we run our energy, we also have something called a major modifier. This is our “go to” way of being in the world.

In the “reason” modifier, one is clearly in their head much of the day. This can be seen in the field as well. There will be an abundant amount of energy in the head, neck and shoulder area.

Energetically, most people are not fully in their bodies. When one dances, the rhythm and movement starts to move this energy  down into their physical body.  This is where feelings can be felt, transformed, and the healing process can begin.

Dancing gives us a break from the need to “figure it out.”

Many people think they need to rationally understand what they are working with in the healing room. But what if what we are trying to heal happened before we could speak or understand what was happening? What if we have no words that fit? Dropping deeper than rational understanding and words is needed. In fact, while words are important, this step is always needed.

A profound amount of healing can occur when we are present in our bodies. When touched with presence, energy that has been stagnant or stuck can start to move.  When there is movement in our field, emotions can rise to the surface to be felt and transformed.

Red faced with my friend Lillian after our last class!

Animals naturally know to vibrate their bodies after they freeze or play dead. In energetic terms, what they are doing is releasing the energy that became stuck during the perceived time of crises. This brings cohesion and balance into their system which equals health. For more on this, I highly recommend the work of Psychologist, Peter Levine.

Through movement, we can connect with parts of ourselves that we have pushed away, disconnected from, or have shameful feelings about.

I very often see clients struggling with a disconnect, shut down, and confusion around their sacral chakra (the area around their pelvis). This is also around the area of the tan tien which is a point of power within the Traditional Chinese Medicine system that Brennan healer’s pay particular attention to in their sessions.

Through dance, particularly certain forms (such as belly dance) one naturally brings more conscious awareness to this area. The saying “where attention goes, energy flows” is true. With more awareness, the dancer can begin to connect back into this sensitive space. The movement and vibration can start to shift the energy, bringing insights to the surface to consciously work with in the healing room.

My new zills!

Dancing with others adds the necessary healing elements of inclusion, relationship and community.

When dancing in a group, there is a different way of connection among the members.  One can’t attempt to hide how they feel with an answer of “fine” or “good.”  There is no mask and there is a certain level of authenticity required. You get to know those around you quickly! That is because so much more can be conveyed to each other through movement that is often limited by the restriction of words or rational understanding.

There is an immense amount of interaction between our energy fields when dancing in a group or tribe; see if you can open to that. This interaction reminds us that we are deeply connected to each other and naturally builds our empathy for those around us.

There is something deeply grounding and supportive about dancing with others. It is a part of our culture and history. Dance is part of our collective conciseness and field. We naturally feel the support of our ancestors while we move. This in itself, is healing.

The last thing I will mention (though there are so many more I can think of) is that dancing is fun! We have such a need in our systems for fun, play and joy.

We run ourselves to the ground, often feeling depleted. When you feel depleted your energy field is in fact actually lacking something.  Rest, nourishment and connection are often needed. Dance is one way to replenish the energy system.




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