Trust Your Gut

People often get the idea that they should figure out what they want in life, set their path and stick to the plan no matter what. If that is the course you took and are currently living a happy and fulfilled life, I’ll be completely honest, there is a part of me that is jealous. For myself and many others, the path we chose at an earlier age eventually started to not feel right.

How I feel when I wish I had trusted my gut.


Appreciation at a Red Light

I teach meditation in a city with a high homeless population. I drive by homeless people almost every day. On the way home tonight I noticed a couple on the side of the road who were obviously without a home. Oddly, I didn’t notice any homeless people on my way to class. They must have been there but I was not. I was somewhere else off in my mind.


Bring Back the Fun!

Fun and play seem to fall away as we grow into adulthood. Our schedules are packed with responsibilities that weren’t there when we were younger. Many of these responsibilities bring us joy and a sense of accomplishment but for me, it can feel like I judge the worth of my day by counting how many of the boxes on my daily to-do list get checked off.