Glowing after a Source Expressions dance session!


Expressive dance means freedom. When I dance, I find my flow. Finding my flow means I surrender to the present moment and to my body’s wisdom. I tend to spend much of my day in my mind, caught up in thought. I realized at some point that I was actually thinking about my emotions and thinking about my body sensations instead of actually feeling them.

Dancing is a tool I use to bring myself out of my head and into my body. Only when I am rooted in my body can I truly began to actually feel my emotions.  Feeling my emotions allows them to transform and release. It’s an opportunity to not hold everything in. What a relief it is to just LET GO!

I plan and structure most of the time in my life. Dance is an opportunity to try a different, more authentic way of being. Breaking free of structure for an hour allows me to experiment with expressing what’s arising within each moment. I am given the opportunity to let whatever is there to simply emerge. There is no planning in this type of dance; only allowing!

Being able to dance together in a community is truly a gift.  I am ALWAYS nervous before a session. This is my opportunity to practice noticing my limiting self-conscious beliefs without letting them stop me. I notice these thoughts and (so far) have chosen to dance anyway. This witnessing skill is life changing!



I can apply this to anything in my life that limits me (usually myself!). When I can get space from my thoughts and see them, I can choose how to respond rather than react.  If I let my thoughts shut me down, I miss an opportunity. This tracking skill supports me in taking healthy risks that I may otherwise miss out on.

By taking the opportunity to let whatever emotion or movement that needs to arise, while being witnessed by others, I am allowing my true self to be seen without a mask. When I let myself be vulnerable and reveal my authentic self within a group, I build on an energetic remembering that I can actually be who I am and bring that out into the world.  Our gifts are found within our authenticity.

Dancing is about connection.


Connection to each other, our roots, the earth, and ourselves. When we can be exactly who we are within a group, we heal.

The dance floor is a place to experience being an individual while also being a vital part of the make-up of the whole. It’s a microorganism of what is happening on a larger scale.

This is good news! We are in transition away from the Age of the Guru to the era of self-responsibility and empowerment.


Let’s Dance!

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