Everyone deserves to feel alive, fully expressed, and happy


But right now, you’re just surviving.

You’re stuck and disappointed (and feel regretful about it), but are simultaneously terrified you may fail if you actually went for it.

My job is not to fix you (because you’re not broken), but rather to work with you to clear, charge, and balance the energy that is driving your thoughts, feelings, and behaviors so that you’re free to create the life you want. Whether that means drastic life changes – big moves, new careers, stronger relationships – or waking up each day with the feeling of purpose in your life, I can help you reach those goals from a deep, energetic level.

We will work to:



Clear old energetic patterns, blocks and beliefs that keep you stuck


Transform the fear of failure so it propels you into action


Build healthy boundaries


Develop real, authentic relationships with those around you


Gain clarity on what you really want from your life


Bring your unique talents out into the world


Increase trust and confidence in yourself


Each client’s experience is unique and tailored to both their needs and their level of awareness. I work without any judgment of what your truth is, where you currently are, or where it is you’d like to go and create a safe space for you to explore that for yourself as well.

Energy Healing

Currently all sessions are being held virtually

During these sessions we will combine specific hands on healing techniques with energetic coaching to bring cohesion and balance to your field. We will start the session by exploring what is present in the moment. During our discussion, we may explore how habitual energetic patterns and limiting-beliefs play a role in where you may be struggling.  Then I may ask you to lay on a healing table fully clothed (this work may also be done while you are standing or sitting in a chair). I will scan the your energy field and depending on what presents place my hands either directly on the physical body or above the physical body. Afterwards, we will again check in and I may give you energetic exercises or coaching tools to work with during and between sessions.

Please contact me at molly@mollymccarthy.com or (508) 556 – 4325.

Private and Group Meditation Instruction

(Zoom and/or in Person)

Mindfulness Meditation offers us a way to feel clear and present even in the midst of the chaos presently in the world. With practice, it has scientifically been proven to bring stress relief and ease anxiety. Both, are the underlying cause of many ailments.

When we meditate we get to know ourselves, our patterns, and our beliefs. Only when we know our patterns do we get the opportunity to respond differently if we choose to.

I offer meditation and mindfulness series that can be tailored to both the atmosphere and needs of your corporate office, educational institution,  or healthcare organization.

Please contact me at molly@mollymccarthy.com or (508) 556 – 4325.

Workshops and Speaking

I am passionate about taking large and confusing concepts and breaking them down into relatable and understandable pieces. This way, we are able to turn the information into practical tools to change our lives. I believe in group engagement, speaking authentically, and holding space for the participants to have a new experience.  I love to facilitate workshops and talks on topics such as:

  • Energy work and healing
  • Self-transformation/empowerment
  • Meditation
  • Working with fear

Please contact me at molly@mollymccarthy.com or (508) 556 – 4325.

When I am in Molly’s healing space what I am most touched by is her presence. It’s as if she’s all in, totally present and in contact with me, all of me, welcoming all the parts of me with an open-heart and a judgment free mind.

Molly offers a rare combination of effortless heartfelt presence and solid integrity, providing gentle insights with a candid honesty which somehow removes any charge I may have had around a belief or image, rendering them powerless.  I can wholeheartedly recommend Molly to anyone wishing to grow and shine forth with their full potential. She’s the real deal. Thank-you dear Molly!

Sandra Vasiljevic Berset, England.

Yes! I want learn to transform my fears!

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