What does a session look like?

At your first session we’ll go over your health history and discuss what brought you to the session. During this time, I will be listening deeply and also sensing into any energetic patterns or imbalances that may be present.  Even though Brennan Healing Science Practitioners are not doctors and do not prescribe or diagnose, it is important to take the time to go over this information. There is no judgement about anything discussed and anything we discuss is confidential.


We will explore what is present at the beginning of each session. During our discussion, we may explore how habitual energetic patterns, limiting-beliefs and consciousness play a role in where you are struggling. Since the energy field is often not talked about in healthcare, this is also a great time to learn how it is intricately related to our health and lives.


Then I may then ask you to lie on a massage table fully clothed. This work can also be done in a chair or while standing. I will scan your energy field and, depending on what presents, place my hands either directly on or above your body.


Many times clients relax to the point of falling asleep, while others may remain awake and want to check in with me during the session. You may experience emotions or physical sensations from the movement of energy, but sometimes nothing is felt while on the table. Each client experience is unique. It is important to know you can ask questions and communicate with me at any time during the healing.


After the session, I give you a few moments to rest and integrate the healing. We’ll then check in to address any questions that came up or go over any suggestions I may have.


The healing continues to integrate even after the session. For this reason, it’s sometimes best to take it easy after the session completes, even if that means just taking a few short breaks throughout the day.

Where are you located?

I hold in-person sessions at 54 Central St. Southboro, Massachusetts. I also teach workshops and classes throughout the Greater Boston area.

Do I have to be local?

Not at all! Distance sessions are available through Zoom and over the phone. Distance sessions are just as effective as in-person work.

How do distance sessions work?

I hold sessions over Zoom.

It is not necessary to understand distance healing to benefit by it. All that is necessary is an open mind and being open to your own direct experience.  But if you are interested in learning more about the science behind it, read this post. {link: http://www.mollymccarthy.com/distancehealing/}

For distance healing sessions we begin by meeting through Zoom or talking on the phone. We will disconnect and I will then ask you to get comfortable somewhere you will not be disturbed while I do the healing. Afterward we will again speak briefly to check in about your experience. The experience is very similar to an in-person session.

How Long Will It Take For Me to See Changes?

This is an important question that I get a lot, yet I do not have one answer. Since everyone is unique with different goals and challenges, it can be different for everyone. Some clients feel like they have gotten what they came for after a handful of sessions while others prefer to take the work deeper and come on a very regular basis for a while. I recommend more than one session because it can take time to integrate changes into your life and re-educate energetic patterns. Sometimes changes occur at a subconscious level before outward changes take place or felt.  The frequency of the sessions also makes a difference. But this is ultimately up to you. As we work together, I see our relationship as a healing partnership and recommend that we keep an open dialogue about how the sessions are going, what changes you perceive during and between sessions and how long they “stick” between sessions. I am not one to keep recommending sessions if for some reason you were not experiencing benefits and at the same time, do not want to let fears or beliefs keep you from going deeper in your healing without exploring them first.  Your input and feelings about this are important to me. 

What is Brennan Healing Science?

Brennan Healing Science is a specialized holistic healing modality developed by former NASA physicist, Dr. Barbara Brennan. This highly skilled modality combines hands-on energy work with spiritual and psychological processes.

Through High Sense Perception (the ability to perceive the energy field) I’m able to work within specific energetic levels, pathways and chakras that correspond to emotional, physical, and spiritual health. While I may work on one specific area within your energy field, you’ll experience a holistic effect on the entire field (and your life!) because of the way our energy is intricately layered and interconnected.

Brennan Healing Science can work at the root cause of emotional, spiritual, and physical issues.

While BHS is a powerful modality by itself, it is also extremely beneficial as a complementary support to other medical and holistic forms of healing.

How can Brennan Healing Science help me to create what I want in my life?

If you listen closely, you may know what you want in your life.

But what you don’t know is:

  • Why you’re not able to create it
  • Why you stay stuck
  • Why you continue to repeat the same patterns despite wanting something different
  • How to work with the fear that comes when attempting to make the changes you want

And like most people, you were probably taught that you only get what you want by:

  • Setting goals
  • Working hard
  • Being more productive and efficient

The truth is, while these tools can be useful, used alone they will not work long-term, since there is so much going on beneath the surface, underneath the reasons we think we are not able to make the changes you desire.

Contrary to what many people think, your energy field doesn’t stem from your physical body or thoughts. It is actually the opposite. Your energy field and the levels within it are actually the blueprint (starting point) for our physical, emotional and spiritual health.

Because of this, practitioners like myself are able to perceive and work with what may be blocking you from creating what you want at a much deeper (unconscious level). We work together to re-educate your energetic system to support you in creating what you envision for your life. 

What makes Brennan Healing Science different?

Practitioners using this healing science have been through four to six years of rigorous training in the study of the human energy field, transpersonal psychology, spirituality, anatomy and physiology.

Practitioners support their clients to become aware of habitual patterns of “running” energy These patterns can cause us to repeatedly hit up against the similar yet unwanted obstacles, physical ailments, and situations in life. They also work within the intricate levels of their energy field to repair, charge, and balance the field to give the client a chance to experience a new more healthy way of being, a way to step out of unwanted habitual patterns.


Practitioners in this modality are taught not only to perceive their clients HEF but also to perceive, regulate, and track their own HEF during sessions as a way to support safety and healing for the client. It is a prerequisite of their training to work with their own “stuff” before stepping in to help another.  They are also required to get regular supervision from a qualified professional to keep them rooted in their integrity while working with clients.


How Can Meditation Help Me?

Sometimes it is hard to hear over our thoughts.

Contrary to many beliefs, meditation is not about shutting down these thoughts (they fight back). It’s learning to take some space from the confusion. From the space, we can see our patterns and (limiting) beliefs more clearly. We can see where we may be getting stuck.

Working with the mind in this way allows us to feel more stable even when our head is spinning and our hands are shaking. A regular meditation practice causes a decrease in stress and anxiety (where many symptoms stem from), and the ability to be calm but focused creates the opportunity to experience life in a new more vibrant way, letting you feel more clear, rested, and confident during your day.

Science has verified that a regular mindfulness meditation practice creates significant changes in the brain. These proven changes include relief from stress and anxiety, increased awareness and concentration, strengthened immune system, increased heart health and improvement in sleep patterns.

In other words, with a meditation practice you can:


  •        Gain clarity 
  •        Be more present with others
  •        Get along with those around you easier
  •        Feel more stable in a crazy world
  •        Befriend yourself and trust yourself more
  •        Move out of your comfort zone more easily
  •        Have more energy
  •        Handle stressful situations with more ease
  •        Reach your top performance
  •        Grow your ability to focus


Many corporate offices, educational facilities, sports teams and health care organizations are now experiencing the benefits of a meditation practice!

I write about the tangible benefits I receive from my own practice as well as benefits I see my student’s experiencing on my blog often.  http://www.mollymccarthy.com/blog/

How Did You Learn to Teach Meditation?

I developed a passion for meditation when I was a teenager. I completed my training under David Nichtern, Senior Teacher in the Shambhala Buddhist Lineage, in 2016 to become a Certified Meditation Teacher.

I see you are a Certified Integrative Coach. What is that?

I received my coaching certification through The  International Association of Counselors and Therapists. The training I completed differs from many because of it’s  focus on the unconscious mind. I chose this training because of my fascination with the impact our unconscious has on our everyday experiences.  It included a blend of conversational hypnosis, Neuro-Linguistics, and processes created from the latest research in cognitive neuroscience and embodied cognition.

It was a wonderful addition to my training in Brennan Healing Science as it/s focus was on rewiring habitual patterns and conditioning that we are often unaware of. I do not hold separate coaching sessions but instead weave the tools and change-work into my healing practice as a way to support my clients.

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