If we let it, the ocean will teach us how to follow our wave.


My favorite thing about sitting on the beach is looking out to where the sea meets the sky. Both, are parts of our world filled with so much yet to be explored. My sight is filled with what has yet to be discovered.

This view reminds me that we don’t know how everything in the universe works. We don’t have a name for everything out there.

To acknowledge that we don’t know everything about our world and the beings in it is humbling. I find a sense of relief in it. This acknowledgement is also filled with an abundance of possibility, if we open to it.


My favorite thing about floating in the ocean is the instant connection I feel to the natural rhythm, balance, and synchronicity that surround me. The tides, creatures, sun, moon, waves, and stars all harmonizing to create the life pulse that we live within but often override.


If we can let our shoulders relax a bit, hold our breath a little less, and trust a bit more we can sense into this pulse. We can follow it’s wave, and let it support us.


While sitting with these thoughts at the beach yesterday, I asked my wise 3-year-old niece what her favorite thing about going to the beach was.

“Not wearing any pants.”

And that’s good too. 

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