Nature demonstrates embracing transformation and change.

I find it odd that we are expected to know what we want to do with our life at such a young age and then stick with it for a lifetime. Who we are at 18 is not who we are at 55 or 75. We are energetic beings which means are constantly changing and transforming as individuals. We are not static.

Maybe you wanted to be a teacher when you were 18. Maybe now, at 38, you are interested in baking. Maybe at 22 you were a vegetarian but at 42 you eat burgers. Maybe at 25 Jerry was your best friend and you did everything together but at 35, you and Jerry no longer have anything in common. Maybe at 21, you were the shy one of the group but at 46 you decide to try your hand at stand-up comedy.

Nature is a great reminder that change is natural and while it can be scary, it can also be exciting! Autumn is a great time to honor how you have changed and to make any life changes needed to feel nourishing to the person you are now.

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