Are you tired of trying to “fix” yourself

(and wondering why nothing is working)?

Have you wanted to do something for a long time or a way you have always wanted to live but have held back?

Do you spend a lot of time wishing you didn’t feel the way you do? 

Does this sound familiar?


You don’t trust your ability to make good decisions for yourself and look to everyone else to tell you what to do.



You hide your truth so you don’t have to explain yourself over the criticism or concern of others.



You feel like you have to hide a part of yourself.



You play small because you (or those around you) don’t think you’re capable of going after what you really want.



You’re going through the motions of life and everyday looks pretty much like the last.



You question if something is wrong with you

Maybe you attribute all of that to fear of failure, confusion, guilt and shame, or a fear of being judged. And while those conditions may be present, I know that working with who you are on an energetic level is one of the most effective ways to shed  past limitations and step into a new future.


Often, we try to fit ourselves into something we are not or who we think we should be. This can cause us to shut down or feel shame about the parts of ourselves that don’t fit the mold of what it is we are trying to fit into.  It can also cause us to hold back on our longings and can jeopardize our emotional and physical health.


But it doesn’t have to be this way and you do not have to struggle alone….


My passion now is supporting others on their journey to express themselves authentically and fully.

There’s nothing “wrong” with you.

You’re already whole and don’t need to be “fixed.”  And that’s exactly what I’ll help you embrace.

For me, a session with Molly is about surrendering to being held in loving, deep contact and healing. I’m a Type A who wants to be in charge and not feel dependent on anyone, so that surrender isn’t as easy as it might sound–but it is so worthwhile. Molly is someone with whom I feel safe. When she works on me, I first notice how incredibly relaxed I feel. After the session, my spirit feels refreshed, and my body feels whole. Along with her warmth and spirituality, Molly is highly skilled and professional. To anyone seeking a deeper level of physical, emotional, and physical health, I would recommend Molly McCarthy.”

Liz Z., Wisconsin


Yes! I want learn to transform my fears!

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