Are you just existing, trudging through one day after another?


You don’t have to change who you are to feel ALIVE and fulfilled. I’ll help you give yourself permission to discover and start living the life that you want.

Whether you find yourself..

constantly people pleasing, stuck with (unfulfilling) jobs, relationships, and routines, or saying things like, “I wish I could…” and “someday I’d like to…” I am here to help you take charge of and create the life you really want.

Together we will address the underlying patterns and fears that are keeping you in survival-mode so that you develop the confidence and courage to be who you’re truly meant to be.

Molly is very strong healer. I have experienced a number of healings with her and would recommend her to anyone seeking physical symptoms release, emotional stability, mental clarity and feeling well. During the healing session with her I have experienced deep alignment throughout my whole body, joints pain that I have had before went away after only first session. Feelings of elevated joy, self-acceptance and well being that I always experienced after each healing session with Molly have been helping me to face challenges of everyday life and brought harmony in my relationships.

Larisa Vakulina, Australia

Her style of teaching is not only tranquil and relaxing, but she brings a  sense of humor to meditation which I appreciate because meditation doesn’t have to be so serious.  I kept wondering what people around me were thinking, but with Molly as my instructor I was able to quickly bring focus and attention back to my own self and body.  I would highly recommend taking one of Molly’s classes and I look forward to attending another course soon.”

Angela Hamill Holliston, MA

You can be free to fully express yourself

(and enjoy the freedom and fulfillment that comes with that!).

Let's Uncover The Real You!